How Can I Make a List Viewer Scrollable?

I have 10 items in a list viewer, however, I want only 4 items to show at a time; I want to be able to scroll through the list viewer items. In other words, I have images and labels at the top of my screen that I want to be seen. The list viewer is at the bottom of the page and I want to be able to scroll through the list viewer alone, leaving all of the components at the top in screen. What parameters and adjustments do I have to make?

doesn’t the list view automatically scroll to fit

Set the height of the list so that only 4 options are displayed. This can be done as follows:

  1. create a list outside the screen that contains a single item.

  2. Get the height of this list

  3. Multiply this height by 4 and assign the result to your main list height

I have something similar, but I don’t want my list to be scrollable.
I want the list to be limited to a random number of items.

If the list has 100 items, I would want to show only 5 or 10 random items from the 100. But not make it scrollable.

I got it, I used in list get sublist from x - y

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