Grid Nx2 with thunkable X?

Is there a way to create a 2-columns grid?

I collect data from json response, then the grid is created with N rows and always 2 columns.

If you want two columns in the ListViewer, this can only be done in some cases, for example, by formatting numbers of the same length in the first column:

00012 First
01234 Second

You can use monospace text in a multiline text field. But it’s best to display the tables in WebViewer using HTML.

Json data is really an object array. In each grid I place an object.
Now in Thunkable Classic I use and extension, but in thunkable X I don’t see any similar solution.

I would like to not use webviewer component.

To work with json in Thunkable X, use blocks to work with objects in the Objects category.

I know Thunkable Classic, but now I am learning Thunkable X and it is different. I’ll test Objects category. Thanks.

My doubt is how place this objects like a grid

Base sample.


You response quickly, jajajaja.
My doubt is how place this objects like a grid

I will show you now

Sorry, right now I can not show the result, but I can describe it:

Each grid contain:

  • An image
  • A title
  • A description
  • An ID

And I have two columns, forming hundreds of objects.

Does it have to be a table like this?


In Thunkable X, this can only be done using WebViewer, but after that you have to do the logic in JavaScript, since there is no simple data exchange between the native part and the WebViewer.

Ok. Then I will use Webviewer and javascript.
It’s a pity.

Base sample HTML in WebViewer



Ohhh, Thank you.

Then I can use javascript inline functions to interact with native screen.

You can only transfer data from the screen to javascript. To transfer data (and interaction) from JavaScript to the native part, you will need to use Firebase.

Well, how I have to use Webviewer component obligatorily, I’ll use to show individual object (doing clic) too. Easier

Thanks for the tip. This will help me with displaying read-only data in a table, but does not help with needing editable cells for offline use.

Do you know if anyone @ Thunkable is working on a simple (read-only or read/write) Grid component?

I’d recommend using the LocalDB with the clone block to achieve this.

I combined your example with the sample code below to create a dynamic table for display-only.

Isn’t that an invisible component?

Something like this, with the data in the LocalDB:

Create 1 “row” and clone as many as you need in your blocks.