Displaying a structured table (grid) in Thunkable X


What will be the easiest way to display a simple grid (few columns few rows) which contains data I’m pulling from Firebase real time DB.
I know how to fetch the data; don’t know how to visualize in a grid.
I believe ListViewer is not good enough as it has only sort of one column to show.

Thanks a lot

You could use labels set to 0 when no value is found and just make them real when a value is collected. Also I recommend using Spreadsheets for colums and rows as it is more intuitive :slight_smile:
Nice day !

Thanks, so you are saying use a bunch of labels and design those in the screen to look like a table layout,
then put the needed info inside?
This is a nice workaround though what about borders and headers so it look like a table? (perhaps I can use the Label border property to make it look like a table worth trying).

thanks again…

You can totally I think. I don’t really see another option except listviewer, hut they’re not very good for rows :confused:

Yes thanks.
too bad there is no option to copy a component with its properties :frowning:
I will need to go cell by cell.

You can tho, copy the blocks, so you can set the labels settings with blocks and copy them for all labels perhaps ?