Data Viewer Grid😀

Can we make like this?
Because I need this upper side of image

Help me please.

Please help me :unamused::unamused:

Those kind of replies to your own post are probably the best way not to get help around here. It’s also after midnight in the U.S. where Thunkable is based so it’s asking a lot to want immediate help. That being said, I’m awake and I decided to see if I could figure out a way to do this.

Something like this?

I’ll post a link to the project tomorrow after I get some sleep.

But I need this title upper side.

Try this:

But I need title here

Is it possible in thunkable?

Please help me.

Here’s a demo I made. It’s not perfect but it should give you an idea. It’s just a label inside a column inside a row, then saved as a custom data viewer grid layout.

(link in post below)

When I click on the link it shows like this:

Try this link:

(see link in post below)

This link is also not opening.

What to do now?

Sorry, I had it set to private. This link is public:

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Thanks for helping.

I have another query?

Can I state another query in this topic or make an another topic?

It’s up to you. If it’s related to data viewer grids, I would say keep it here.