Google, Facebook and GitHub Sign In/Up

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For a while now I’ve been working on better ways to sign users in using 3rd Party Services. However, with firebase hosting and a lot of time spent coding I have finished working on this demo app. The logic is pretty simple. I used firebase hosting to provide a login and hosting system. The website waits for the app to tell it to load the login screen. Then it sends the stringified data back to the app. There are three methods of logging in. Google, Facebook, and GitHub. I am still working on the SMS Login but that will be done soon.

Edit: Fixed Github Login

The Project Page: Thunkable
The Project Link: Thunkable

How To: Google, Facebook and Github Sign In/Up - The Jaytheman Docs

If you need help on anything firebase related, DM me.

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Why are there two email sign in?

Google can’t sign in!

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How will you do??
Isn’t that all you can do?

The two email buttons are not finished and I am still working on them.

The Google sign-in works on my device.

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I just tried and no option is showing up. I have empty menu.

Could you show me a picture of your screen?

Here it is

That normally happens when the webViewer.sendMessage sends the message to the website before the website loads.

Edit: I’m still working on ways around that.

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And is this something controlled by the user or by the app?

I tried the “re-load” button but it doesn’t seem to affect this situation.

Seeing the same as @muneer on Android.

I do see the options on iOS…

But get the 403 error when trying to log in.


Yup same here android doesn’t work.

How to setting my Google and Facebook sign in?

I have fixed the google sign in now. Try it again at any time.

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Works very well as a web app

Haven’t yet tested on Android


Thank You

How do you do? On firebase?

I just tested it on my Android 10. At first it was not working now it worked. you have good thunking skills. would love new updates on the app.

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Can you tell me how to setting firebase?
I can help it!

I don’t understand what you are trying to say.