Getting signal 6 error over and over!

I don’t know why Thunkable support does not help. First they give us a platform which has bugs on its own to create your own app which will already have a lot of bugs and when the bugs don’t let you even open your app properly the staff won’t even help why is this issue not be solved by the staff member I just don’t understand

First they give us a platform which has bugs on its own to create your own app which will already have a lot of bugs

It should not be surprising. Each new layer development contributes to the development of their bugs. If in Thunkable X worked so many people as working at Google, and Thunkable X use so many people as uses Google, bugs would have been much less. :wink:

Why support Thunkable X does not answer all the questions? Because of this in the technical support has to work a few individual specialists. These professionals must have a high salary, but then Thunkable X is unlikely to be free.

I understand what you want to Thunkable X was without bugs, working safely and using it could create commercial projects. But you must also understand that it is very difficult to do. Above XCode and Android Studio runs incomparably more people than Thunkable, but there are enough problems.



We have responded to you across several of your accounts about this issue.


My issue is not with Or against Thunkable or Thunkable support I respect them and I love Thunkable but my issue is that Thunkable support knows there are bugs in Thunkable knows our app will have lots of bugs too so instead of leaving us stranded just help us or help me in my case as I can not progress

Still not solution. It would be much better if I got a fix and a response then just a response

You are right in Thunkable X too many bugs and developers of many of them know. But Thunkable X - is a private project, in which decisions are made solely by his team. For this and other reasons we will never know the answers to many questions. We can only assume that many of the issues are too complex for a quick response to them.

On the other hand, developers are asking for all reports of problems keep on But I do not see anyone left a message about a problem with iOS 13.or Signal 6.

And now the main question. whether technical support is required to give at least some response to questions from members? I will say this: users have the right to ask a question on a forum, and technical support employees have the right not to answer it. Or do you think that they have no such right?

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They definitely have the right and so do we but Thunkable is not 100% free we have to pay to publish and test their pro features And 5% from admob so if you make some crazy number from ads they get 5% of that which kinda makes it their priority to answer us or me in this case and if no one is having signal 6 raised error then it should be easier to find why my app is having this issue and I did provide them the link and I’m done with my app all I need is the fix to that problem and I can publish. Too much to ask?

Let’s clarify this point. For publishing to the Apple Store or Google Play, we pay Apple and Google. Thunkable X this is irrelevant.

For the Pro version and you pay for, and for this reason you are entitled to get a good technical support. On other platforms, I’ve seen this approach: if the users pay a monthly subscription, then they are given a link to a private forum for PRO-users where tech support trying to answer all questions quickly and thoroughly. And for all other users of the general provided a free forum where sometimes do not respond to questions.

For this reason, you can ask Jane, what are the advantages of PRO-users?

Another point. If you installed the free app or use the free services, you probably have seen the agreement with roughly the text - the software (service) free of charge and you use it at your own risk, the developers are not responsible for data loss or any damage caused it (the service) and the like. And below is the box with the text “Do you agree to accept these conditions?”. And the user chooses whether he agrees with it or not. In Thunkable X and many other services do not have such an agreement, but you must understand that in this case there are certain risks. In the end, a project or service can simply be closed.

Okay let me make some few points clear as well. Even if you pay 100$ Apple fee which I did you need to pay 20$ just to go PRO publish your app and secondly I have been pro member for two straight months and there is no pro support priority or special links or whatever perks you are telling me. And Apple fee is 1 year valid only and now I can’t publish bc Thunkable team has not fixed my issue which means I’m wasting the time I have gotten from Apple

Here’s the official information.


There is no information that the PRO-users get good technical support.

Expedited iOS Build and Publish - I do not know what it means.

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This is a complete lie. We offer priority support for PRO customers and I personally spent 3 or 4 hours one day walking you through the steps you needed to build your app. You seem to have completely forgotten the dozens of hours that 5 separate members of our team spent supporting you in those early days. We strive to offer the highest levels of support to PRO customers.

At a later date I also privately explained to you what parts for your behaviour were unacceptable and why we chose to discontinue support for your account. I will not go into the specifics in a public forum, but if you continue to perpetuate these falsehoods then you will loose your community account too.

We are looking into the signal 6 error and will update you when we know more. The debugging and bug fixing process takes time. You are perceiving our deliberation and investigation as a direct affront, when in reality we are literally just doing our job. Everyone wants bug-free software, but launching personal attacks on the support staff (which in turn wastes time composing messages like this) benefits no one.

As Jane has already mentioned, we are already aware of this error, but if you keep sending PMs and emails and making community posts then our time is taken up repsonding to your enquiries about the issue rather than looking into the issue itself.


Yes I would appreciate if you fixed the issue instead of wasting time replying here and I did really appreciate those 5 hours and I did thank you many time for that

Wasting our time replying? Our job is literally to reply to our users - including you! We have hundreds of conversations every day with Thunkers all over the world, some of whom are using the platform for the first time and some are seasoned publishers. We love helping people learn new things and get great enjoyment when we can help solve a problem for someone. I don’t know if you fully appreciate how hurtful it is to read something like

when the truth is actually that:

I’m struggling to understand how you can be offered so much support and at the same time feel so unsupported?

I’m not just speaking for Thunkable staff either - there are lots of fantastic members of this community who have freely and voluntarily given of their time to help you with your questions only for you to turn around and berate them for not “getting you” or not “helping properly”.

If there was just one thing that I could impress upon you it is that everyone here is acting with good intentions. When someone types a reply, or sends a screenshot or a sample project or a video tutorial these things are all done with the genuine intent of trying to move you towards your goal.

The whole purpose of this community is to help one another. App building is a complex thing and Thunkable is trying to make it easier and more accessible for everyone. It’s probably worth pointing out here that making app development easier is not the same as making it effortless - Thunkers are still going to have to do a little bit of work themselves.

Sometimes users have bugs in their code and we’re happy to help with that, and sometimes we have bugs in our code and that’s where our users help to make us better and better.

We hear that you are currently having an issue where you see a signal 6 error. It’s completely understandable that having your app crash is frustrating, but you’ve reported this to us and if the team can fix it then it will be fixed.



Thank you for your explanation of the situation. Now I understand it.


The thing I’m anxious about is I get told that they are working on fix but never do. Last time I had an issue where my project would get download error I contacted support many times they said they would fix but never did and I had to remove things step by step and find fix on my own I encountered that issue while my app was 20% complete and it took me so much time to figure out the problem and now I’m stuck. I’m stuck when my app is 99% complete. I have to just publish I already paid Apple developer fee. If you were me you would feel the same way I already provided you with share link kindly just fix it on top priority bases because you and I we both know bugs are not fun

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