Thunkable app not working on Google Play

I am very upset now because my app that I created does not work properly on Google Play but now that I cancelled the subscription the ads won’t show on live test anymore and my subscription is still good untill September. What is going on and why don’t I get any support from no one??

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Do you understand that this is a community forum?
This means that you are posting to users of the platform.

If you are a PRO then use the chat bubble or send email to Thunkable directly.

Even if you do this you should not expect an answer in the weekend and if you ever get an answer be thankful that someone took the effort to answer you in a weekend.


This is so wrong. How can you blame a software without even tell what is wrong ? As a computer, a software is not a living creature, to do what it wants. It gives you the good/bad results according to what youve told to do. If you do “told” it to make something, even wrong, it does.
As @muneer told you, this is a users forum. Dont expect that the world will spin around any user, including you. Be polite and stand an issue, and i assure you that theres plenty that come with some solution. I always got advices, as alot of members here. Im sorry about beeing so direct, but beeing distructive, and not constructive, is not the solution. P.S. After publishing an app on GooglePlayStore, Thunkable has nothing to do with it anylonger. Even if you choose not to be a pro member anymore. Your app will stand there exactly in the way it was published. So your issues cant be Thunkables side.


Muneer that is what I have been trying to get: some help from the support experts or as you call it “chat bubble” 2 weeks now. how many more days am I supposed to wait to let others now how I am being treated here??

MIMOSTEL Seriously?? how do you want or expect me to be polite when I am being treated like trash??? I have been trying to get some help for 2 weeks now with this app to get it up and running as it is on the live test and no support expert has even tried to take 3 minutes to make a test with my app.

You still miss the point here, srry to tell you that.
You come here, on users forum to point on some issue and ask for advice how to solve that particular issue. General things, like my “my app doesnt work anymore” cant get any help here. Refunding or more seriouse things cant get any answers from other users.

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I just would like to know why the app is not working properly on Google Play and how I can fix the error I have with the app that is all! I don’t wan’t to argue with no one, just trying to find out how I can solve the bugs or errors the app has.

Can you share the errors you get or whats wrong?

Sure, I would like to share videos but I am not sure where or how I can upload them here. I have even generated a bug report of my phone but I am sure it is pointless since the app is not working on multiple devices.

Use YouTube or Any other streaming service

Ok I will try that.

Uploading the video right now, I will pass the link once it is done.

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both of the apps that I created on Thunkable are not working : Pocket List and Safe List

Can you share the blocks?

Sure what do I need to do?

Lets try a different approach too… provide us link to GooglePlayStore… ill try to install and run on my phone too… :wink:

Good idea, here is the link:

Srry, cant install, is not available in my country, that is Romania :roll_eyes:. maybe someone else would try.

I am going back to sleep now since it is 4 am over here, have a good one.