Why are we learning Thunkabel X?

Google Play Store is NOT , is NOT accepting Thunkable Apps.
What are we doing here?

Playstore is not accept Thunkable App?

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Hi @gbox,

Google Play does accept Thunkable X app - take a look at #SuccessfullyTHUNKd to see just a few hundred examples.

What you are basing this claim on?

Please attach any screenshots of your developer console or emails from Google Play to support.

If you are referring to either the 64 bit app requirement or the pending update to API 28 then this is not the place for this post.

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Não consigo publicar meu App.
Diz que tem tamanho excessivo e que tem algo errado com as imagens iniciais do Thunkable

Can you share a the full text of this error message with is please @gbox?

Ontem, publiquei um app feito pelo Thunkable sem problema algum.
Nos mande a foto do erro.

Yesterday, I published an app made in Thunkable without any problem.
Send us the error print screen.

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I don’t think there’s any issue with Thunkable in this case Fabio.

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