Okay i bought thunkable pro

i bought thunkable pro.

i have two questions:

  1. why is it so expensive?

  2. how to use chat support?

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Hey @good-starter432425 :wave:

Great questions!

The pricing opens up several different features that are not available at the free level. The pricing page lays this out in more detail.

The cost of memberships help support the features, continued growth, developing new features that would be available at that level, maintaining the background code base, providing chat support with a real person (I’ll be officially joining that team Monday), having always ready webapp publishing abilities, and many other features. The immediate cost savings over purchasing a Mac in order to publish to iOS alone (since you can’t do this from a PC) is staggering :woozy_face:!

The goal is to provide you a superior tool while keeping costs as low as makes sense for that tier!

Chat support is accessed via the yellow icon at the lower right of your screen. If you’re not seeing that yet I may suggest you perform a hard refresh of the browser in Thunkable. Sorry if you’re not seeing that yet.


In general, they respond very late.
And you are so right. Too expensive!

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We are working to improve this! Stay tuned! Please keep sending in tickets.

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I love thunkable. but the support service is getting worse day by day.
I wish you would take care of the problems I shared

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Jared, are you working for Thunkable? That would be a great sign… but I wasn’t aware of that.


I start Monday as a Thunkable Success Associate. Day 1. I’m excited to start working with you all!!! Hoping to help a bunch!!


Awesome! Congrats! I don’t actually work for Thunkable but I’m a huge proponent of it, as you know.



Always yellow for me :innocent:


by me its also yellow.

i think its blue for you because you are working for thunkable


It’s yellow for me too. I was thinking of my old personal site chat icon color.

My mistake! :joy:



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