Get URL Element using GetColumn

I have a spreadsheet with images in column A. I am trying to get all images into a variable and get each url values to be used as background to multiple button.

The json generated looks fine but for some reason its not displaying the images.

The only difference between using GetCell and GetColumn is that

GetCell json format encloses entire string with a single bracket [(xxxxxx)]
GetColumn json encloses entire string with double bracket [[(xxxxx)]]

That double bracket syntax for the column indicates that it is a list of lists. For your example above, you’ll want to first get the first item in that list. That essentially will get you what GetCell would provide. Let’s call that 'app PostImage' Then you can do what I described in my post about getting image URLs from Airtable. That is, to get the image URL you’ll want to get the first element of out of 'app PostImage' and then the ‘url’ property of that object.


Can you show me an example? Thanks

Holding off my app for now as I need features to help me finish it. When are we likely to see new releases?

For listview, I just need a way to list images one side and text with sub-text or images on opposite side.

We’ve been doing new releases on a regular basis. A list of our latest release notes can be found here.


We’re in the process of making some changes to our core software architecture that will allow something like what you want (and lots more) to be done quite easily! I think you and the rest of our users will really like it. No promises yet on exactly when this stuff will get released but it is something we are very actively working on.


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Hi Mark, I never got to get around this. Can you show me sample blocks to use to get the nested values.