Get Object from json using GetColumn

Would really appreciate if anyone could help me or guide me with blocks on how to get an object value i.e. “url” from following json format generated using GetColumn:


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Anyone with any clue?

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Would you share some screenshot of your blocks and Airtable, please?

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Hi, my airtable has 7 columns

Col1 & 2 are text
Col 3 is number
Col 4 & 5 both Attachment
Col 6 is Link
Col 7 is Text

Column Name I need image from is called “GTP Images”

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Just a thing here.

You are extracting a column, with the result going into a local variable object named “column” which you are not using after; and you have a reference to an object named “value” which is never assigned to anything.

Perhaps that is the issue here.


Sorry that value was meant to be column. Was doing another test with that before reverting back to GetColumn. Updated the image now.

The Label text shows “undefined”


Hello there,
You just want to get URL from only the 1st row right?

Try this :

Hope it helps! :wink:
Thanks! :smile:

I know this already but this just gets row 1 image and not the entire images in that column at once



Your given blocks display only one image’s block… (That’s why I gave only image’s blocks :sweat_smile:)
Can u clearly say What do you want to achieve - get URL from AirTable / single images to display or 3 images to display?

I can’t get u…


What do you mean “entire images”?

If you are getting the URL saved in “Label1.Text”, then it can only be one URL. It is not a list, it is a single entry.
Or am I misunderstanding something?

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I have 30 rows each with image in GTP Images column. I want to read all images in column into a list and pick each url as background images.

If I use GetCell, then I have to repeat that 30 times which will make code too large

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Perhaps, but if you are trying to stuff all the URL in a single string, that will not work.
I do not see any list in your blocks.

And I do not see any loop that would process multiple URL.

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Follow these steps please. I hope it helps you out.

  1. Set the column Type of “GTP Images” in Air Table to “A single line text”
  2. You can manage visible to True/False to list viewer “I am sure it easy for you to manage” because I post a screen shot of how you VIEW all images and how to GET a specific image to be as a background.

    My regards!

Just don’t place the Screen2 opens block two times :sweat_smile:
They both are the same…

Thanks mate!
As I built this as fast as I can, I forgot to change the other one to “Start” LOL
Now I hope my suggestion to be a solution to his problem because I tested it and it works.

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OK i didn’t want to use list view due to its limitation but I guess I will have to use it after all but I know it works well with listview. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks

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Where do you want your items to be viewed?

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What is the limitation of list viewer items?

basically i want the images to be displayed as background on each button since i will also have a row under each button with buttons for share, like etc. with listview, i won’t be able to add row under each listview.

The what you need is to use the 'make list from text with delimiter “,” ’ (or whatever your delimiter might be) and assign each element of the list to the component.

Yes, you will need to have as many component value assignation as you have components.

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