Get Object from json using GetColumn


This is a limit because you are using a limit buttons!
Set it the same screen shot I already sent but change the row number with 1 or 2 or 3


Hmm this didn’t work. What it id was display in each listview the actual URl of the image and not image as listview does not have option for background image


I told you to set the button background picture instead of list viewer and set row number to 1 or 2 or 3 etc


Yea I know that but does that mean i have to create 10 to 20 getcolumn for this per button?

Is there no easy way of extracting all image url into a list and then for each button background get 1 or 2 or 3 etc


If your definition of easy implies “no programming”, then no.
You have to do the programming.


hahaha, I think I might have a solution to this once and for all


Of course there is.
See this screen shot.
You can set button 1 and 2 and whatever you like in the same way.


Trust me, this was the very first thing I did and it didn’t work


Please set your blocks as mine exactly and set the Column type in Spreadsheet Air Table to A single line text.
It works 100%. You can send me your app link if it does not work with you.
Again please follow the steps I told you 100%.


Ah wait a minute, I now see where the issue was. Yes when i changed the column from attachment to single text, it converted the images already in the column to path to the image file but it also added the file name at the beginning.

So removing the file name at the beginning fixed it :laughing:

Wow what a journey but thanks @hayder_g_al-lami for not giving up on me :hugs:


Congrats mate!
I told you in the second comment point number 1 to set the type to A single line text but I think you did not notice that. hhhhhhhh
Congrats again mate!


Yes I did notice that but like I said, it changed the images to path but also included image filename which I didn’t know at first I needed to remove that and only leave the path to file.

BTW, if I need to add more images in future, how will I generate image file path?


Do you want to add images from your app and send them to your spreadsheet table?


No I manually add images to spreadsheet and app will call that image


Do you use Media DB or not?


no but should i use that?


Hello there,

The Cloudinary DB/ Media DB, is used for (in general language) hosting images/videos/audio online.

Instead of doing manually, you can command your app to upload images.

Hope it helps! :wink: