Hello, I'm trying to return an Airtable file and I get this result:

I’m trying to get this file through Airtable (PDF file):
But I got this: [object Object]


Can someone explain to me?

What is the format for that column in Airtable? And what is a sample cell value? It looks like you might have images in that column?

Edit: it’s an attachment type. So the [object object] is Thunkable’s way of trying to display something that is not text in a label that can only display text.

converted to json and the property is “url”

I’m using this block, but the application breaks

It looks like “url” is not the top-level property in that JSON.

Can you post the full JSON response here as text?

But if the attachment in Airtable is a PDF, you’re not going to be able to display that in a label. You could try the PDF Reader component instead.

If you just need a single JSON property (“url”), we can see if we can figure that out.

[{“id”:“attoS1BIldh5JP6IP”,“url”:“https://dl.airtable.com/.attachments/e72e80f57081298cf1e737d0d27f20b0/c62260df/Indicao-85.pdf",“filename”:"Indicação - 85.pdf”,“size”:580756,“type”:“application/pdf”,“thumbnails”:{“small”:{“url”:“https://dl.airtable.com/.attachmentThumbnails/6a908310b08cf2f113ecb295c848c79c/0caa203c",“width”:25,“height”:36},“large”:{“url”:“https://dl.airtable.com/.attachmentThumbnails/cfbb4de0e06ea5678785b8a89bc7d066/68d6f41a”,“width”:362,"height”:512}}}]

this is json

I tried that, but the app breaks too

Json properties:



I managed to solve the problem in a strange way, but it works.

it’s work

I’m glad you got it working! :slight_smile: