Basic question about get property url

First day on Thunkable and a very basic question but have been looking through the blocks for hours and its doing my head in.

I’m trying to display an image from an airtable using the following guide:

I need the block that has “get property url of object” as displayed in this image.

Where can I find it? The objects blocks only have this:

get prop

How do i get the url block in there?

What does the data in that airtable cell look like?

Just a basic url?

It’s an image in the attachments column

Type url in the spot where you can type?

when you do getColumn, you get a list of the values for the column you specified. in your case, the variable will return a 1-entry list in column ((only 1 entry because you specified max rows=1).
so i believe all you have to do now to get the url is

set app_URL to (in list (colum) get # 1

and if you want the mage, then do

from Image1 set picture to app_URL

Thanks! I’ve managed to get it to work by just typing “url” in the box. Why do some tutorials have the box embedded but on my blocks I have to write it in?

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Perhaps this is an old screenshot. That block has been updated. Allowing for input instead of an unchangeable string allows for this block to be used dynamically and can allow for streamlining code.

Thanks so much.

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