Pull images from airtable attachment column and display horizontally


I have an airtable spreadsheet with 2 columns. I is attachment with images and the other is URL link.

I am trying to figure out how to load all images and display them side by side horizontally and scrollable.

I will be displaying each image as background to each buttons since i will click on each to load the corresponding url on a webview screen

Isaac, does this post help?


Hi Mark, I know how to retrieve images individually but I want to retrieve all images at once so in future additional images I add will also be retrieved and display them in a horizontal scroll

If you use the 'GetColumn' block, where you set the 'columnName' to the column that contains your images, you should get back a list corresponding to all the rows in the table (as the 'columns' block). Each item of that 'columns' list will be another list similar to what the 'GetCell' returns (in the 'value' block) in the example post I gave above. So, you would want to iterate over the 'columns' list and then for each resulting item get its first element (which will be an object) and then get that element’s ‘url’ property. Once you have the URL then you can use it to display the image that it represents.

Hopefully the above makes sense. If not, let me know and i’ll try to explain further.