(Solved!) Integration problem with airtable, repeating column and not showing images

Here is the project

Thanks for who can help me =)

blocks from the project:


My app repeat first 2 columns… and i dont know why he begin the list upside down
(Solved! I change in clone “after” for “before” Thanks so much @CBVG)

Third problem
To scroll this page i need put the column in “fit contents” but this option put a limit in my column, i need increase the height because i need put the larger images, what i need to do?
(Solved! I put this block and now the image are larger =D)


The second problem is about the images…
I follow this topic: How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component
But in this topic we can just get one image from one cell… i need from all row´s, are possible to get? or maybe i can get the image from airtable based on his name from another cell?

How to solve:

Thanks so much @Mark

And the last problem solved too:

And to finish… the last problem is to see the last row… when i scroll he doesn’t go until the end, he goes back to the penultimate…
(But to solver this i can create in the airtable a cell written “end”)
I Solved put my column in false… so only the clone columns will be visible.

So all the blocks here:

So here is the result:

Sometimes you face these problems while integrating

can you explain more about this?

Hi, I am facing issue while trying to load multiple images from airtable.
As per How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component - #86 by chris.bailey230698t I am able to display single image but not able to display multiple row images. Here is my Airtable and code. Any help is much appreciated. I actually want to display image and its cost.

You can display a single image. Which block should I use to get multiple images? The list and cycle through the list. Now you need to find a block that returns a list from the table and a loop block for working with list.