Genymotion Thunkable X CPU issue


I am trying to use Genymotion to test the app on Andriod.

I am running across an issue, where the emulator won’t start.

The error I get is:
Unable to start virtual device.

Virtualbox cannot start the virtual device

Your CPU is incompatible with virtulisation technologies.

The one I downloaded was custom phone 8.0 - API 26. I also have a Nexus one downloaded, which started without issue - but the problem is that doesn’t have the API on it for me to get Thunkable X off the play store.

Has anyone come across this issue?


contact genymotion

Use SmartGAGA emulator. I am already using it. And must download android 7.1. But it’s not available in smart gaga site. you have to download from youtube. May be it size 286MB. I am left genymotion for problem like your. Use Smart Gaga.

I am on a MacBook and am running Bluestacks for my emulation needs. It is stable most of the time.

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