Cannot do anything live

Both on my Droid and iPad when I open the Live app they open and then shut down immediately. It’s been going on for over a week now, so I decided to download the genymotion emulator to see if that works. Downloaded everything including the phone as instructed. All seemed to be going ok until it came up with “your OS is not compatible”. I followed the link to the genymotion log page where it said to check that VT is enabled in your BIOS. I did this, and it seems I have VT-x, and it is enabled. I am operating Win 10 on a Toshiba Laptop with Intel i3 processor. I know it is not the latest machine, but surely it should be enough. I had the emulator working on Thunkable Android previously. Anyway I am just about finished with Thunkable X. To be perfectly honest I am sick of waiting for any changes I make on my App (I am only learning) to flow through to my device. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes. I take into consideration that I don’t have the fastest internet, but I reckon 400kb/sec should be fast enough to have a decent response time. Completely lost, what should I do?

OK, I managed to fix the problem on Android at least. It may help someone else.

Settings > Apps > Thunkable - And then clear all data and cache.

If it still happens, you will probably have an error showing in your blocks. I had an error showing in my app and I don’t know where it manifested itself from, but I got rid of it and my app was working again.