Problems with Android app Thunkable live

I have problems testing Android apps with Thinkable live and downloaded aia files from thunkable x.
With Thunkable Classic there is no problem.
My Android device has Android 4.1
Is than not compatible?

Hi there – your device should be compatible. There are a few known errors on live testing on Android that we know about – do any of these apply to you?

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No, that is not the problem.
I installed the app Thunkable life on my Android phone.
When I start it, the app stops with an alert “app stopped” before I can open a project.
The downloaded aia file also stops with that alert.

Hi there,

I have the same problem on the Android 4.1 tablet. I even put a log file in my message.

Can you give us a log of errors when running Thunkable Live to compare them with my log?

I only could solve the problem by buying a new android phone (THL Knight 1 with Android 7).
Now Thunkable Life works perfectly.


I still use the emulator Android 7.1 (BlueStacks). It’s a pity that Thunkable X does not work on Android 4.1.

Thunkable live and apk-files are still not compatible to Android 4.2 (even not with 4.4.2)

…and I think there are lots of devices around with that older versions. We would loose all these platforms for our apps!