Thunkable Live App and APK not working on Android Tablets

I’m facing an issue while using the Thunkable live app. APP is perfectly worked on android phone but when I install the app on the android tablet. It didn’t open in the android tablet.
My tablet android version is “8”. Is there any version restriction?

Hello I have the same issues, on my phone is working but on my laptop doesn’t.

Hi @alexandranedcvvga and @a.aliw, thanks for reaching out. Please see this post about the Thunkable Live app and a mandatory Platform upgrade we completed recently. You will want to ensure you are using v414 of the Thunkable Live app from now on.

Hi, first of all thank you for your answer, I updated the app but still doesn’t work, on my laptop when I want to use Live Test the game/project stops.
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@alexandranedcvvga Could you share your project URL with us so we can take a closer look at the project? Are you able to view any Thunkable Projects at all on your laptop?

Can you check please the function with create sprite?


I shared the links for both projects, did you have a chance to check them?

În mie., 26 iul. 2023 la 20:08, Matthew Conroy via Community <> a scris:

@matt_conroy There are 2 blocks that don’t work at all since last update: “creare object” and “active pointer”. You can verify on this project: Thunkable

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