Thunkable emulator for demos to class?

What are others using if you want to demo Thunkable development in front of a class, to show what happens on the phone?

It would be ideal if there were some kind of emulator built into Thunkable X so that a teacher can show the live test on a large screen, as well as the Blocks etc. Usually we only have one screen in a classroom, and they are not setup to quickly share between a phone and web page. It would be much easier if there were a Thunkable emulator, perhaps a separate web page which just showed the Live Test output…

I have used the Genymotion emulator.

You can download GApps, then in Google Play, download the Thunkable Live app and use the app like normal.

I noticed that Genymotion link says “For persona use only”. Do you know if this is allowed to use in school classroom, or do we need to purchase a license?