Cheap Android phone for testing Thunkable X projects

Does anyone know of a cheap android phone I could buy for my students to test their thunkable projects? I just bought a tracphone, but it won’t open the thunkable app.

hii I have An Vivo 4G Phone Contact Me @

Thanks for the info! I looked up the Vivo 4G and the cheapest one is $250. I am really looking for one of those $20 phones that would run the Thunkable app.

I Will Give You For 50$

My price point is more like $20, and a need a bunch, and I need them right away.

I would like a list of phones that work, or specs of phones that will work.

App Limits can be found here.

The problem is that Thunkable X is still unstable for Android, and no matter how you buy a phone, something may not work. I think that on the phone with Android 7 you can show your work. Why Android 7? Because I myself use BlueStackes (Android 7 emulator) on which projects are launched. But it is better to demonstrate Thunkable X to use the iPhone. Even on old iPhone5 with half dead battery and a broken screen, the app will go better than on any Android.

I’d say a phone going with more than the needed version to install Thunkable Live (so version 4.4)

Maybe the samsung galaxy s3 or s4 ?

I have a couple of nice Galaxy 3s that don’t run the app. They have Android version 4.4.2. I bought a new cheap track phone and downloaded the app, but it won’t run it. It has Android 4.4.4.

So I guess since the app is unstable on Android, it is hit or miss.

Thanks for your help.

I think the galaxy 4s are working.

What version of Android works on it (galaxy 4s )?

Too bad, I tried helping by looking on google play but was useless, I guess you’re gone testing all possible phones

I found a phone for $29.99 that works! it has Android 7.1 Nougat.

Here is a link: