App does not work on Android phone

Good Morning!
I would like someone if possible to test my app on an Android phone because the same one does not seem to work properly.

You maybe want to attach a link to your project or to your apk file for people to test ?

Nice day :slight_smile:

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It is true, my friend.
Follow the link in my app. It is not ready yet.

You’re right, your application crashes on Android.

Frustrating my work with Thunkable.
I did the whole application viewing through IOS and when I went to test in Android nothing works. Everything I try to do hangs.

Hey Juliano,

that sounds familiar. thunkable X is for iOS in the first place. Small apps might work well on android. But if you want to make a serious android app, you might want to start a parallel project on thunkable classic or other platforms.

good luck,

That’s a good idea, my friend. But I read that in 2019 the Classic Thunkable will cease to exist.