App keeps crashing on my android phone

For some reason I can’t open either the thunkable app or my own designed app on my android phone. I get to login and after that it crashes. This is the error I get on my Xiaomi phone:

If I try to acess thunkable through my browser it’s no problem.
I’ve tried to use both of them on my tablet and they work fine. Is there anything I can do to solve this?

Hello @rcszonehnp
I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with testing the Android app.
Could you please share with me the project URL in a private message?

Sure but as I stated I’m having the same problems with the thunkable app… so if I were able to fix one the other would probably get fixed aswell I think? any idea why this is happening? is it my old phone’s fault?

Hello @rcszonehnp,
Thank you for sharing your project URL.
I tested your app and I had no issue.
However, I understand that it may not be working for you as expected.
Could you please share your device information and which Android version you use?

I’m using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and I have MIUI 9 v9.2.3.0, Android version 5.0.2

@rcszonehnp Thanks for sharing more information.

The Android version that you mentioned is out of date and unfortunately, we don’t support it anymore.

You could use the web app.

I thought that google play wouldn’t let me download apps that my current android version couldn’t handle… well then can you tell me which version of android do I need to have? I’m sure I can update my phone.

But what do you mean by web app?

Edit: I just checked google play and it says Android 5.0 or above… i guess that’s old info that needs to be updated

@rcszonehnp Thank you for sharing more information.
As it is mentioned in our docs here, Thunkable recommends and actively supports using a mobile OS that is actively receiving security updates.
This includes iOS 15+ and Android 10+.

When I say “web”, I am referring to both the Web Preview and the Web app.

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Got it, thanks for the help!

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