Specifications for Android Devices

We are looking to use Thunkable as one of our App Designer platforms for building apps for Android devices at our school. Students are very familiar with Scratch so this platform is perfect for beginners making simple apps. My question relates to the devices that will run the applications. I cannot find any documentation re smart phones or tablet OS requirements. We have some old tablets running Ice Cream to Lollipop. Some students have Andriod phones but most IOS ( not going there!). Any advice on OS requirements ? Can budget for some bottom of range newer smart phones such as…

ZTE Blade A610 Unlocked Mobile Phone 16GB Silver


Optus X Spirit 4G Both running Marshmallow OS and under $100 in Australia

For a tablet version…

Lenovo Tab 7 7" 16GB Tablet Black - WiFI only so some Thunkable blocks will probably not work but under $100 and running Android 7.0

Any advice appreciated.


If you want to use Thunkable for Android, then I recommend using Thunkable Classic. Thunkable X is currently better to use only for iOS (for Android it is not yet stable enough).

Thunkable Live for Thunkable Classic works for me on a Fujitsu m532 tablet with Android 4.1.

If you want to create applications for both iOS and Android on Thunkable X, then you can installing a Bluestacks 4 emulator (Android 7.1) on the PC for this.

App Limits for Thunkable X.

Element Limit
App size 50 MB
Account size limit 200 MB
Screens No fixed limit
Download One app per phone for iOS; no limit for Android
Minimum Android version 4.4 (19) Kit Kat
Minimum iOS version 9.0 (devices on 8.0 can be upgraded to 9.0)

Thunkable X under Android is often crashes. For such cases, I recommend immediately using the ADB debugger. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time looking for problems in blocks, while with them everything is in order.


Is this still the minimum requirements?

New information on https://docs.thunkable.com/projects/assets

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