Develop app for Mobiles and Tablets

hi guys,
i developed an app both for iOs and Android Mobile. It works fine and i was able to get it fit on most of the devices. ThunkableX made it very easy and pass from iOs to Android was very simple. There are still some differences but not so bad. Now i would like to move the app to tablets. Do you think is better have a specific release for tablets or it can be achieved using the same app trying to fit it into a bigger screen size??
helps and suggetions kindly appreciated… :.D

I have develop an app and it goes well on mobile phone, specifically Android, I have appled Thunkablex as tool on free-basis. I got problem that when open on Mobile phone,the adv logo of Thunkable will be displayed first before going to my app.

How could it be jumped this display stage (adv logo of Thunkable) as it is not appropriate to my work.

hi @ditptraining001,
as far as i know it is impossible on thunkablex free. You can remove the “red squirrel” thunkable logo only subscribing the PRO release.

i would never download and install on my device :slight_smile:

Hi @sirfrancisdrake,

By default apps on the iOS App Store are available on iPhone & iPad, especially when published via Thunkable X. If you want exact scaling across all devices you should use percentages where possible instead of exact measurements or pixels (px).

hi @eoinparkinson,
yes i must say that in my case it works fine also for different mobiles and screens on Android! I only would like to know if it is more common scale to fit into tablets or create a new app specially build for tablets. Even if i can scale sometime arrangements are not developer-friendly :-). So i had the sensation to walk in the right direction if i develop a specialized app…

Something like this would be really tedious on your behalf, as you would be managing two apps. I would recommend making a one-size fits all app, so when you add some cool new features you don’t have to do it twice.

In addition to this I don’t know the exacts for Apple or Android on releasing two separate versions of an app based on the device, but I do think you should try and make your app work for all screen sizes.

hi @eoinparkinson,
thank you for the answer. i’m working on it. I have a similar question about app free and not. Do you think is better have a part of the code that setup options and other stuff to setup the app as free or not (changing colors, adding/removing options and extras etc…)



User customisation is always a bonus. I mean it’s not necessary but if you think your app could do with a little bit more function then this is cool. Something like this would be cool to do for light & dark theme, as now there is the option to set status bar to light or dark theme in screen settings.