Game Design - Resetting Canvas Challenge


I have students build game apps, which include a “reset game” feature when they reach the end game screen.

Recently, when students get to the end game screen, and click to restart game, the canvas on the screen is blank - the initial sprites are missing.

Here is an example app with this problem: Thunkable

Any feedback on resolving this issue would be much appreciated!

Yes, the same thing happens for me when I preview your project in a browser. The only block you’re using is a Navigate block which should just load the first screen that contains the canvas. I’m not sure why you’re seeing this bug. The project is really straightforward.

I added a yellow border around the Canvas component and you can see that when the screen loads the second time, the component is there but blank. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t getting hidden.

Edit: I added a label so I could tell if the Canvas loads the second time:


It doesn’t. When I first play it, I see “B” but when I click Play Again, I only see “Label”. The value doesn’t change.

Interestingly, if I Live Test this in Thunkable Live on my iPhone 11, the Canvas is blank the entire time. It never displays anything.

By the way, great game over sound!

I stripped the project down to its bare minimum and it’s still having the same issue.

These are the only blocks on the first screen now:


And the project link:

The next step would be to create a new project with a canvas and a navigate block and see if this happens in a different project as well.