Canvas Blocks Not Working?


in my all my thunkable projects the canvas blocks are not working.
for example the hide block is not working. its like the app thinks the hide block is not there.
all canvas blocks are not functional for me.


This was fixed with the newest version of Thunkable Live, version 358.


Thanks for your reply. But when I open the project i was working on the issue was not fixed. When I tried to use the set sprite`s x speed block it does not work. All canvas blocks are not functional for me.



Can you post a link to your project?

When I preview your project in a browser, most of the canvas is blank/white. So clearly that’s not working right.

When I live test it on my iPhone 11, I see the sprites and background color but I’m not sure if it’s all working or not. The blocks are complex enough that I don’t know what I’m looking for. I’d have to spend more time with the project.

But I can tell you that it crashes Thunkable Live. I have to force quit the app. Tapping the Home button doesn’t do anything.

@conroy33 notifying you since it seemed like the recent canvas issues were fixed with version 358.

Edit: I did simplify the project a bit this way and it worked to hide the sprite when I tapped it:


Thanks for the reply,

So what can you do to fix the app because this issue has been here for over a month and a half. I hope the thunkable team can fix this!



I don’t work for Thunkable. I’m just a user like you. But hopefully @conroy33 or other Thunkable Staff can help!

Thanks for flagging @tatiang, I will look into this further. @vermatul15tqxhg3

I did some tests of our canvas blocks, they’re not broken. As @tatiang mentioned, he was able to get the blocks to work when simplifying the project. I would work on seeing if you can refactor in any way to make your blocks more simplle.

I’m honestly not having as many issues as what you are describing. The game seems to be working for me.

Thanks for looking into this @conroy33 .

Unfortunately when I live test the link you sent to me on a web browser the canvas is blank.
I will try to test the link on a mobile phone as soon as I can.

Also in the video you sent me when the tiles hit the bottom of the screen they should disappear.

@tatiang said the canvas issues were fixed with thunkable live version 358 but the problem is still here. Please try to read this soon as this issue has been here for over a month and a half. I hope the thunkable team can fix this!



I have sent a post but I have not got a reply to that in over a week.
Please look at my previous question and reply as this is a big problem and am looking forward to
creating now apps on thunkable.


Hey @conroy33

Please help me out as you have not responded in over 3 weeks.
I would really appreciate if you would help me out in this problem.
I want to create some more apps.