Canvas doesnt work on Thunkable Testing App - specific app


I am building a Gyro Maze app. When I test in the Thunkable App, the Canvas doesnt open on Level 1 and Level 2 pages.

I think I might need to utilize the “when Canvas1.loads” block, but not sure about the other blocks.

Here is the project:

Any guidance much appreciated!



I have your example working well in Preview

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Thanks for checking it out. It works fine in the preview, but the canvas wont open on Thunkable live, so I cant test the gyropscope. You saved the day on a Paint Pot app I built a couple weeks ago, where the canvas wouldnt open in the preview or thunkable live- figured you might have some insight here.

FWIW, I built this activity off a basic version, where the canvas does work in Thunkable Live:

Yes, it doesn’t work. I couldn’t quickly understand the problem, and I don’t want to mess with Thunkable X bugs anymore.