How to reload canvas when navigating back?


I’m trying to make a game. When the game ends, users could push “Play Again” button at the result screen, it would navigate back to the game screen. Recently, it seems that canvas doesn’t reload and the game couldn’t restart when navigating back. But it worked fine when I first made it in early October.

I’ve tried using “when screen opens” block to replace “when canvas reload” block. It worked fine on my i13, but couldn’t start the game when I ran it on web preview. I’d like to use “when canvas loads” block, what should I do to reload the canvas when navigating back?

project link:


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In the Screen_Result go back to Screen_Start anlso enable the Loop in the Timer so it can start again.

This should fix it.

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Thanks for the reply.

I’d like to skip Screen_Start and go back to Screen_Game directly. I’ve tried your suggestion, but after Screen_Start navigated to Screen_Game, the game still didin’t restart.

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Are you trying it from your phone?
I tried it and it worked and the games reloads every time.


I tried it by web preview. And it did work on my phone after I saw your last reply and tried again, thanks! :grinning:
Is there any way to go back to Screen_Game directly to reload the game?


I don’t know. I have to check.


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