Pull to load with canvas

You think is possible to do a pull down to load with canvas on the top of the screen and under it a list and when anyone swipe down the canva it reloads the screen ?

Anyone can help ?

I did not understand what needs to be done.

There’s currently no way of doing a “pull to refresh” like this @danyklein

Have you considered using a button in your design to allow users refresh?

shen you pull down it reload the page.
image you pull down a sprite in canva that reloads the page

Thanks, now I get it. This function could be implemented as an active strip at the edge of the screen, but for this you need an event to release your finger from the screen. There is no such event in Thunkable X.

Alternatively, you can try to make an invisible sprite and move it along the strip to the bottom. When a sprite collides with the bottom edge of the canvas, trigger a screen refresh event. But this method will look very strange.

Another option. Make a vertical slider with the edge of the screen. When moving the slider down, slide the panel with the Loadimg Icon and check the value of the slider. If the value exceeds the threshold, remove the panel and refresh the screen. Here you will need a timer to track the cessation of movement of the slider and reset the panel to its original state if the user does not reach the slider to the desired value.

This decision to try using canvas. But again, you will need to pull the sprite.

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