[Solved] How can I refresh the web Viewer Swiping up?

How can I refresh the web Viewer Swiping up? Its is possible with Sprites and Canvas? Does anyone have some example? Thanks!!

With the help of the sprite is possible to do when you drag the sprite to the upper limit. Update WebViewer install handler sprite collision with the upper limit of the scene.


Does anyone have an example of that? I dont know how to use it, Thanks!

Check it




I checked your example but I cannot see how this would solve the issue of refreshing the webpage on swiping… My guess was that Leito is looking for something like pull to refresh:

However @Leito if this is what you’re looking for, unfortunately at the moment you can only add this to your own websites with some javascript and e.g. Jquery but I couldn’t find any way to implement this app-wise yet :confused:

Best, Chris


Thanks very much both! @Chris @actech Okey, and Do you know if there is a way to refresh the web viewer without puting a button in the screen? The reason is that I dont have space… if I put a button the size of the Web Viewer will be very small
I m using a Top tab navigator, and a Banner in the bottom of the screen…
If there is no internet the web Viewer crashs and It isnt refresh automaticaly… I know that I could refresh each time that screen opens or starts but isnt the idea, I need that the interface be fast… if each time that the user open the web refreshes… it would be very bad… Do know what can I do to refresh?

Well you could try using the Accelerometers Shaking feature :slight_smile:


Thanks! Is a very interesting solution!! if do you have another like that please tell me!

It would be possible to configure an “If” condition To the web Viewer, “if Web Viewer had an error, refresh automaticaly”?