How can I refresh the Web Viewer without a button?

I need the option to refresh if the mobile was Offline, But I dont have space in the screen to add a button, I m using a Top Tab Navigator and a Web Viewer, I noticed that if the user dont have internet, The Web Viewer didnt refresh automaticaly… It would be possible to find a way to the Web Viewer refresh automaticaly if there are no internet?
Also I cant put refresh when screens Open because tha idea is that the user could use different screens simultaneously so I need that the refresh only be when is an error in the load of the web viewer Thanks!

To call up the update, you can use the timer, by pressing the Canvas or sprite, by pressing the region Map or marker on the map, using the Switch, or moving the slider, by changing the data in Firebase, at the end of the download the audio file, canvas or Map. You can call this action when you select a photo from the photo gallery or after photographing the image of pi with the camera. Simply put, you need to find an event, in the event which will be caused by the update Web Viewer.


Thanks you very much! I m learning yet, Could go give me an example about how can I do that?

I am afraid that to do that I have to create another documentation Thunkable X :joy:. For starters read the documentation to see the basic features Thunkable X.


Thanks you!!