Refresh the site with a button

My app opens a site from which I can listen to an audio stream! I would like to refresh the site with a button.

If you want to refresh the page in the Web Viewer, create a button when you click on which the WebViewer.URL property will be assigned the url of your site.

If you want to update the page code of the site, then using the Web API component, send the request and data to your server-side script (php) which will make changes to the site.

I just want to reload the web page on my app!

Such a code does not suit you?


When I click Button1, my page is updated every time.

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Yes! Thak you…

I would like also, my app not to go on stand-by my smartphone

Maybe Stay Alive! from Google Play is right for you.

I did not understand!

I correctly understood that you want on Android to make sure that the selected application was always visible on the screen and did not go into hibernation mode? Thunkable X has no way of doing it, but third-party applications can. Stay Alive! Keep screen awake - this application can be used to turn off stand-by mode for selected applications.

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no need to do this big thing just use the extended web viewer from @Andres_Cotes there you will find a block called call extended web viewer reload and before it just set the extendedwebviewer to web viewer you want to reload is simple is that

you could explain yourself better

so with Thunkable it is not possible to put repeated notifications with the use of a timer?

How do you want to do this? I can be wrong, but Thunkable X with notifications does not work.

in the android version of my app I used a timer that calls a blank notification constantly

Why then in Thunkable X you can not do either?

on thunkable there is no notification

Yes! Therefore, I suggested using a Stay Alive! :wink: It’s not known when the support for notifications will appear, so I suggest other solutions

could it be an idea to send a text via a timer to a label?

This will not work.

You can use @Andres_Cotes notification extension to show a notification