Canvas Error (It's not loading)

The canvas component is so glitched, I really don’t know what happened.

So, on the first screen of my app, it shows the canvas, and on the second, it’s not even visible! I looked into the design panel on the right, and I made sure all components (stage, canvas, spritetype, and sprites) were visible.

They were all set to true.

I then tested the app once again to see why it wasn’t working. Nothing. Nothing showed.

I was wondering if you guys would help me, as I have, like, 6 screens, and only 5 of them work.


Posted on 10/11/2022 at 4:43 PM

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issue.
If you could share your project link with me, that would be really helpful. You can dm it to me directly or if you feel comfortable, you can share it here.
I understand that your first screen isn’t working properly. It is only your first screen or are other screens also not working?
And how are you testing the app?
Thank you

Yeah, so now three of my other screens plus the first one (Screen1) is not working. Canvas loading only on 2 screens. I usually do Live Test on computer. Not working.

Preview; same output.

My coding teacher tested it out on her phone and it works. I don’t know what happened here.
Plus, there has been a lot of glitches in Thunkable, anyways.

  • Whenever I click on the component list in Blocks tab, It shows

Would you like to delete 8 blocks?
☐ Don’t ask again
Cancel | Delete

  • Blocks on Thunkable don’t even work sometimes. Like, even if I delete the block, it still does the command that I deleted.

Link to canvas project: Thunkable

Note: This project’s 1st screen name is StellarNebula, so that makes the second screen Screen1, and so on.

Hi Krish,
So I took a look at your project and for some of your screens, within your canvas, you have not selected a stage within Stage Selection

Could you give that a try, and if that doesn’t work, let me know.

As for Screen1, the image: will not work with web preview. This is because the website that hosts this image has CORS enabled, so we are unable to to fetch the image for web previewing.

For your Blocks tab, does that occur every time you click on the component list? If so, could you send a short recording of that to me?

When you make changes to your blocks, it won’t reflect if you live test with the responsive web app. You will have to close the page and preview as a responsive web app once again to see any new changes.

Thank you

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