The Stage and sprite in Canvas aren't visible

I was trying to create a simple drawing app but when I add A canvas the stage isn’t visible, every time I turn touch drawing on nothing happens, if I change the background colour or background image of the stage it stays white, the same goes with sprite nothing happens.

Hello @muhammadafarouqwdu, welcome to the community!
How did you test your app?
Could you please share the project URL?

I have tried testing the app both on mobile phone and through the web preview both doesn’t work I have also tried the drawing app in the featured projects, and the same problem is there.
here is the link to my project: Thunkable

hello @muhammadafarouqwdu , i was also facing the same issue, when i was using the canvas for my gaming app, i don’t know what the reason behind this, please clear your browser cache or try your app in incognito mode, i think this can be a thunkable error, because in normal web preview, sometimes the canvas does not load or show because of the load and interent speed.

thank you @ak_coder, I have tried clearing the cache, working from different browser and from incognito, I have also tried using a different pc and different account, nothing works, the canvas doesn’t load at all.

Hello @muhammadafarouqwdu and welcome to our community!
Thank you for sharing more details. I can’t replicate the issue.
In order to see the canvas or the sprite, you will need to add the sprite to the Stage

Let me know if you mean the same thing

Hi @ioannis , the stage itself isn’t appearing, even when I add a sprite the whole canvas isn’t visible as you can see in this snapshot, I tried making the canvas visible in the blocks and nothing changes.

Hello @muhammadafarouqwdu
Thank you for sharing the screenshot.
Could you please share which device you use and which browser?
Please check if it works using another browser.

Hello @muhammadafarouqwdu
I also found a reason this can happen: the firewall is blocking
This solved the issue for someone else here: