Formatting with the new beta Drag and Drop

Hi, I’m attempting to build an app that will allow for users to input information (such as a question) into spreadsheet and then view the other information on the spreadsheet. So far, I’m encountering two major issues.

First, it appears that with the new screen formatting, I cannot set the dimensions of a label to fit contents or fill container. Since information added may vary in size, does anyone know of a way to make sure the label that retrieves it’s text from the spreadsheet is sized correctly, so that it displays all the text but is not unnecessarily large?

Second, I can’t currently find a way to set the screen to scroll, so that all the information can be viewed by scrolling vertically. How might I accomplish this?

If these features are unavailable with the beta drag and drop system, is there a way to convert my project back to the old system without losing the significant amount of work I’ve put in (regarding naming elements and the code for them, redesigning I could work with)
I would appreciate any ideas, and thank you in advance for your help

The lack of scrolling is one of the features listed as missing from the new drag-and-drop interface:

Personally, I find the layout tools too limited for my purposes and I continue to use the legacy interface. I hope I can soon switch to the new interface but it needs to be a little more on par with the old one.

No, unfortunately you cannot switch from legacy to drag-and-drop nor from drag-and-drop to legacy.


Yet. Thunkable would be shooting themselves in the foot if they didn’t when the beta goes to production.