Problem with layout new Drag and drop Thunkable

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I am trying to build a simple app where you can click on images to make sounds. The problem is my images don’t show on the preview (phone or web preview) at the right positions. I am using the new interface and in the previous one I had no problem because we could use rows and columns. Is there something that has the same utility in the new Thunkable ?

Design :

Preview :

Thanks in advance for your help and I wish you a nice day !

Hey @scherfa0e301pp and welcome to the community!

This is a known issue with the new interface, that has been flagged a lot of times already. Most of us are sticking with the legacy UI until there is a fix for this behaviour.

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Ok !

Thanks for your quick answer !

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One way to work around this is to make a custom Data Viewer List and link each image with a sound. This will keep your formatting. In case you need any help with the Data Viewer List, ask on the Community!