Data Viewer List with two images

I am trying to make a layout where I have to include two images to the left of the text. I can get one picture but not two pictures. Can someone help me here in the group? In this example I am using layout 3.

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Hey @allauridsenxzfje

What kind of app are you building? Have you tried the new layouts component yet? Makes this very very easy!!

Join us in Beta Testing the new Layouts component! (Rows / Columns for the Drag and Drop Interface)

The URL you are using in the table is not a proper image file. This is the reason you cannot see the image.

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Sorry, I had found a shortcut that was a little too easy to show my problem. I hope this version is more telling? I hope the first link is ok again?
As you can see is it only one of two images in one line.

Hi JaredGibb. I’m building an app for giving points during a Krolf game. I am fully aware that there is another version of x.Thunkable, but I was not aware of that when I started this project. I have previously developed point systems for billiard games, but in Appinventor, so therefore I thought I could just start up. Right now I have about 1000 blocks🤔and I can’t figure out how to convert. the screens themselves are not very complicated, but it would be nice to try the beta option. will you give me that opportunity. I don’t have this Layout icon in my version?

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Send Jared an email. If you click the link Jared put there is some instructions on how to join tbe beta :slight_smile:

There are probably too many people mixed into this thread. Here is a new link and I would like to include two images in the data viewer list. Please help me.


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I’m just trying to elaborate on my question. see picture of my construction of the project, and the layout I have to show my list, and then a hardcopy from my iPad. On my mobile phone, the Samsung S10, it also looks like this. I’ve tried every option with fixed size, variable size, etc. What am I doing wrong?
Uploading: 54FA89A0-7455-431C-9EC4-93B43776A303.jpeg…

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