Can you have a list view without an image?

I am testing out a new project and have some idea about how I would like to display a list.
I am still new to Thunkable, so I am not yet known with everything that is or is not possible.
I am working on a project to keep track of all my medication.
Right now I am working on displaying a list of all my medication.
Showing the name, the usage, and what is the dosage of the medication.
When I am using the Data Viewer List, you have several options on how to display your list.
You can display it with or without any image.
If you display it without any image, you only have two text fields to display.
When you do it to display an image, you have some choices to display three text fields.
Now, I would like to use the three text fields, but then it is always with an image.
If I don’t fill anything in for the image, you are left with an empty space.
This looks a bit strange when you preview it.
But when you choose to display it without an image, you only have two text fields.
Is there any way to display three text fields, without an image?
The list is not a fixed list. It is never sure how long this list will be, or how short it will be.
Hope my question is clear and hope it is clear of what I would like to do.
Many thanks in advance for all your help and tips.
Please try to be as simple as possible to explain what you mean. I still need to learn a lot about Thunkable and not everything is clear to me yet. :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots;


Have a look at this video tutorial.


Thanks :slight_smile:
That was the thing I was looking for.
I will try out some layouts to see what will work for me. :slight_smile:

The layout component is nice.
But it looks like you will spend a lot of time, getting the layout that you want.
The components in the layout are not just drag and drop and adjustable.
It looks like you need to do everything on the right side, with the settings, padding, margins, etc
You adjust one part, and the rest is suddenly also out of place. :thinking:
The video makes it look so easy. :slight_smile:

I already started over several times, because the components inside keep on jumping/moving around.
We will see how this goes.
I know it is “Beta” but I hope they will improve on it and make it easier.

Finally, I had get the hang of creating a custom layout.
I had saved it and did a preview.
It looked okay, but I had tweaked it a bit so it looked nicer.
But I did this several times.
Now I have several custom layouts that I don’t want.
How can I remove the custom layouts that I don’t want?
Does anyone have any idea?

On the My Projects page, go to the My Data Viewer layouts tab and click the delete button of the layouts you want to remove.

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I found it.
I saw all the custom layouts.
I tapped on the DELETE option, got the question, Are You Sure?, I tapped OK, but the custom layout is still in the list.
It is not removed.

I refreshed the screen, and it was gone.
Maybe a small bug?

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Worked for me. Maybe an internet or server issue

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