Figure out if dataviewer label contains an emoji

I’m trying to check for if a dataviewer contains either the emoji :zap::clock2::memo: right now i’ve been unsuccessful, it worked when i was using my firsdataviewerwr design but isn’t working now with the new one i designed.

I’m able to get the “Cost” label of the dataviewer item but It doesn’t work when i try to check for if the cost has an emoji.

Here are my blocks:

Is there something wrong with the way i have it set up?

Are you able to share a link to the project? If not, are you able to see the console values that you have listed to verify that the code is making it that far? You might need some Wait blocks to really be able to tell.

thanks for the help @tatiang! i’ll try to see if the code is making it that far, but here’s a link to the a copy of the screen: Thunkable

I’m not seeing any emojis in your data source. Where would they be? Also, the Console label isn’t changing so I’m guessing I’m not doing something right to make the “if [does list…]…” block true.

What you’re trying to do should be possible. For example, I added a lightning bolt emoji to the “cost” column of the 2nd row of the data source and then ran these blocks which returns “light” in the console label:


Note that you can reference rows by numeric value in the “get value from [data source]” block but not in the “Data_Viewer_List’s for [row id]'s Text” block. :frowning: It just makes testing a bit more complicated.

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Thanks! i’m using this airtable for the data viewer.


I’m trying to check if the cost has :memo:,:clock2: or :zap: emoji (“currency” in app) because depending on what the cost has a funtion will be run to check if the user has enough :memo:,:clock2: or :zap:

I’ll try to see if i can do it with the get value for row id!


I think that did the trick!

changed this block:

to this:

Thanks @tatiang for all the help!

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