Fetch User's Data From Spreadsheet

I’m beginner here. I have app with auto login option using device ID.

I want to display user’s data on screen initialisation when device ID matches with spreadsheet data. Tried with different blocks but didn’t get the desired result. Can anyone help me with how to set the blocks?

Use firebase for this, it’s more optimized for storing user profiles than Airtable. Airtable is better for simpler things like elements for a list viewer and i love it, but I must caution you that you should use firebase for account data.

-Ethan at SwagShare, LLC.

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Ok, I’ll shift to Firebase. But is it possible to get the data from Spreadsheet?

Yes, but it’s not something like Firebase that’s gonna allow you to quickly manipulate data entries (like say editing a profile), its better for storing and accessing collections of data that app code or software automation tools tie together into meaningful information. Airtable is better at storing common user content like posts, and Firebase has the security rules necessary to make it useful for storing user profile data. For example, user data can be stored in firebase, organized by a path related like “Users Database>UserID>content”, and have airtable host user posts. Make sure each record in airtable is organized by an automumbered ID, put links of those to your firebase under a Content>Post IDs path (sepatated in commas, e.g. “2, 1”). Then finally, make each airtable record have a field for “UserID” and you’ll be able to link posts back to who actually posted it.