Personal data from google sheets inside app after logging in

I am trying to create an app that will help with collecting personal data of users, but I have a problem…

I want to show up all of the personal data after logging in in every screen, like personal details (with a possibility to modify data) or front page with photo and some of the details, but… I don’t know how to build up block to show personal data attached inside sheet inside personalised screens (showing only users data).

Is there anyone who knows how to do it?

A couple options:

  1. Store data in Google Sheets or Airtable and include a column for user ID. Assign each person a unique user ID and save it as a stored variable on the device. When the app launches, search for the user ID and use that row to display the person’s info.

  2. Store data in Firebase and use the Sign Up and Sign In buttons to create a unique user ID automatically. Save the user ID as a stored variable on the device. When the app launches, sign in the person and use their Firebase node to display their info. See Account Sign In - Thunkable Docs.

I am more into first idea - that’s why I created google sheet with different columns - to, eventually, have an option to authorise editors only inside this sheet, without involving into data base of users (firebase).

So now - how am I able to show this data inside different text inputs/labels that are attached to this user ID, without showing it all in data viewer list ?

For example:
I have a user with an email, that details are below in screenshot of spreadsheet. How am I able to set up and, eventually, change this data inside different screen, personalised to that email/user?

Data Viewer Lists (DVLs) are not really designed to show a subset of a database. You can force them to by replacing (deleting and re-creating rows in a loop) their data with only the subset for each user but it’s tedious.

You could instead not use a DVL and just use several label components to display the info for a single user.

A better option might be Airtable. The filterByFormula feature of the API allows you to just get data for a particular search term such as a certain user ID or email address. But you still wouldn’t be using a DVL in that case.

That’s the thing - I don’t want to use Data Viewer List - I want only to be able to show up and edit a row of informations attached to specific ID user

Sorry, I thought when you said this, you wanted to use a DVL. Okay so, without a DVL you can just populate each label with a Get Value block from the Data Sources drawer. You can use the methods I mentioned above. If you get stuck, post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried.

In order to edit a row on the spreadsheet, you will need to store the row id when it is created


Everything seems to be easy for you - but I don’t see even a single tool/blocks in your answers - and that’s what I need :smiley:

That’s why I said that you can post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried. For me to do that is using my time but since this is something you’re wanting to figure out, you’ll need to do that work. I know it sounds like it’s easy for me but it’s still work! Correcting your blocks will take less time. I’m just a developer like you, I don’t work for Thunkable. You can always ask the staff for additional help if you need it.