Show specific User ID data from google sheet

I am making a kind on password manager.
I have saved the User data in a google sheet with the user id generated by firebase authentication.

But when a user logged into the app. I am unable to show him the passwords he saved and has his User ID.
While using the data view list it is showing all the data of all the users but i wanted to show the passwords which is linked to its Used ID. Passwords are saved in multiple rows

can anyone guide me or provide a block on how to achieve this.

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You should use Firebase to store the passwords. It already has rules set up for keeping user data private.

Ideally, someone would not use a Thunkable app to store passwords but would instead use an app from a well-known large company such as LastPass, Apple, Google, etc. But that all depends on how you are implementing password storage, for what purpose and for whom.

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