Failed to read AndroidKey from store

Could somebody please suggest what is the issue here? The Android project doesn’t get built and this error email is received instead.

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   function build apps (apps.server.get(;

The app.package.relase<thunkablecompanion>; genarates the file which is apk you want. grantedly, there’s an error. the team are trying to solve it here’s the status page and a screenshot

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See this

Check the status page and make sure the Thunkable build servers are in operational mode. It is worth trying after couple of hours and check if it goes OK.


@muneer that was the thing i was tried to post before you!

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At times even the email is not getting generating nothing in Spam folder either.

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Hi @parna.mehtac - as mentioned in our other Community post, our emails are flowing again!

Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.



@parna.mehtac duplicate your project and then try downloading it. It happened with me aswell then I duplicated the project and it worked…

Hope this works

The email came this time however same Android apk build error message as posted in the original query. So in short the apk did not get generated.

Duplicate into the same Thunkable account or a new one?

However too much re-work with duplication as the project relies heavily on Airtable components and Airtable Datasources which are forgotten on duplication incase of a free account.

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My bad @parna.mehtac - moving this back to its own topic.

The error message mentions keystores - are you trying to use your own keystore file?

Is this for an already-published project?


No not used keystore nor published the project

you could edit the topic’s name.