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When I download an app, I get a message on the email saying that the apk file has not been built, or something like that. What is the solution?

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visit retry and you’ll get the .APK file.

Thanks in advance


@Thunkable_Staff is working on it.

The error shows Failed to read key AndroidKey which could happen from number of things.

  • If you are remixing this app from another use this could be the issue
  • If you are supplying a wrong or invalid Bundle ID
  • If the version name and version code are invalid
  • If this app is already published then you need to increase the version code

Please check if any of these apply to your situation.

Where did the android key come from?

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When you attempt to publish the app or tried to remix an app that has been published then you will need to supply the Android key in the project settings page.

Well doesn’t Thunkable do that automatically?

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The Android Keystore is your secret key to your app. It should be your responsibility not any one else.