Exporting Apps for Saving


I’m an ICT teacher who is using Thunkable to teach a mobile app design unit with my 8th grade students and it’s been extremely successful. The question I have is simple, is there an easy way to save/archive student projects that I feel may be exemplars that could be used as examples for future students? I don’t need to download them to a device, I only need to be able to retain some of the projects to show students (in live test mode). I could leave the projects in the account, however, it appears that once a certain number of projects have been created, the system won’t build an app for download (this impacts students who ultimately want to put the app they created, on their device). I know in the android version I can download the .apk file to my computer, and I guess that would work for that platform, freeing up space in the account to create new projects. It would be a pain to have to continuously import/export every time I wanted to show a project, but it’s a solution. I don’t see anything in iOS that would work though. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!



It’s great to hear about you using Thunkable for your classes!

On the iOS platform I would suggest generating and saving a Share link in order to save/archive (see documentation here). On the Android platform I would suggest saving/archiving the project’s .aia file (see documentation here).

I’m also curious about the issues that you’ve been seeing with limits on the number of projects. We don’t have any limit per se, so that sounds like a bug. Could you give us some more details of what the behavior is that you are seeing and when, exactly, it occurs? That would help us in diagnosing the problem and then fixing it!


Hey Mark,

Thanks for the reply! Yes, the kids are super pumped and so am I. To be able to provide this instruction and this outlet to the kids and allow them to be creative in terms of developing their own apps is exciting for me, and if it leads to just one student pursuing a future in a related field I think it’s a success. Thunkable has made it possible for students who have had zero experience coding feel like they’ve put together something to be proud of, and they should be! So thanks for that!

As for the issue I was having with multiple projects, it may have just been a temporary issue on your part that was answered in an email I got from Arun. Here’s what was happening…I was trying to troubleshoot an issue with a student app and when I tried to test the downloaded version of it (just to see if it would be any different than the “live test”), we were getting the “oops your build failed” reply. After checking our end using the suggestions in the email we confirmed that everything was solid on our end. It wasn’t until after I had deleted a few test projects that I was able to successfully download a couple of the apps. Based on that I had assumed that there was a cap on how many projects an account could create. I know there’s a cap on how big each app project can be, I just assumed there was also a cap on the number of projects an account could create before the ability to download stopped working. I sent an email to Arun who later replied saying there was an issue around that time frame that had been fixed. So maybe it was just coincidental or bad timing on my part. It’s good to know there’s no cap though, because that’ll help me with student projects, and allow me to just keep the “best of the best” in the app project library as opposed to having to export or be forced to delete.

Thanks again for all of your help and have an awesome night!


Thanks for the update, Scott!