Save iOS Beta test projects?

Hi @thunkable,

Being one of the iOS Beta testers, I’d like to be able to save my test projects. I want to experiment with test cases, regression testing, etc… It’s my understanding that presently, the website saves can disappear at any time.

Could we maybe enable saves of .aia files to the local PC, or at least to not delete the website .aia files?


First of all, it saves automatically so no need to download. Second, if you still want to downloae, then no it’s not possible. iOS Beta is still taking baby steps towards release. Also, note that .aia. starts with a, which means Android.
Regards, ILoveThunkable :smiley:

I’m pretty sure that the ai in .aia means App Inventor, not Android. :wink:


Umm, lets say .ai stands for App Inventor, and a for Android :smiley:

Hi @ILoveThunkable and @Conor,

What I meant by the .aia file was just the project source containing the design and the blocks. Presently, we are unable to download the project source to our local PC. I don’t know the proper name of the iOS source files.


I agree that the project source is automatically backed up on the Thunkable server, but it appears that the Thunkable team sometimes deletes these server files:

Since we presently can’t backup those files, they would have to be manually reentered again, which would be error prone and time consuming.


@BillG, projects are deleted only when absolutely new version of platform is rolled out :smiley:. Also, nope there isn’t any workaround or just straight download yet. I think there gonna be only 1 delete coming soon and it gonna happen when official iOS version gonna be rolled out! :smile:
Regards, ILoveThunkable

Hi @ILoveThunkable,

Looks like the source file deletions might happen a few more times before the GA:


Hmm, maybe more… Still no download option at this time :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea when you can generate .ipa files?

Hi @jarabito11,

Presently, we are limited to doing Live Test development (with the companion app). Generation of .ipa files is presently not an option.


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Hi there. Thanks so much for your request. As the other Thunkers stated, we are still working on finalizing our backend for iOS – until we do so, we cannot guarantee that all your projects will be saved at the moment (hence the beta).

In good news, we are working actively on exporting the app to your phone. Stay tuned.

Albert @ thunkable


Thanks @albert. So, upon further thought, I realized that some of the server updates probably end up breaking the compatibility with the earlier source files, requiring their deletion. Is that the case?


Yes, that is correct!


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