How to import project or aia file in the latest updated site of thunkable

how to import extension and project files in the all new latest updated Thunkable, UI is very good compared to previous, but why i m not getting “Apps” or “App” tab in the web UI


Hi @nidit, welcome to the Thunkable community! :wave:

Thunkable X is a completely new (and completely different) platform then Classic.

With Thunkable X, one project can be exported to iOS and Android, which unfortunately is not possible with an aia file, as it simply doesn’t have the support for iPhone.

What sort of app are you trying to build, and what extensions would you like to include in it?

If you’re completely new to Thunkable X, I’d recommend taking a look at your YouTube tutorials:

Thunkable X Beginner Tutorials:


Your answer doesn’t answer nidit’s question. I have an App Inventor 2 project that I’d like to import into Thunkable Pro. Is that possible or not? The docs say to look for an “Apps” tab, which does not exist. I could swear I saw it in the non-Pro version, so I’m gonna pay monthly for less functionality?

Hey @mrtwocanes

Apologies for any confusion caused - I’m pretty sure you’re looking at the docs for Thunkable Classic.

aia files are only compatible with Thunkable Classic, Thunkable X is a completely new platform that allows for native sharing of projects.

Can you tell me a bit more about your legacy project, as I may be able to recommend a starter template or some of our new components that can get you up and running quickly.

Thanks! :smile:

Can I put an APK that was designed in thunk X back into thunk X. The APK is a download from Play store. I deleted the original by mistake

I think your best shot is to contact Thunkable Support providing them your Thunkable account’s details and hope they can retrieve your deleted project.