How to import App from App Inventor to Thunkable Pro?

I have an App Inventor App that I would like to “move” to Thunkable Pro.

Is there a way to import the App Inventor “.aia” file into Thunkable or do I have to re-create the app from scratch in Thunkable?

Hope not!


Thunkable X is a completely new platform not based on App Inventor so unfortunately you cannot import .aia files.

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OK - thanks Conor.

One more question:
How does one import/add an extension in Thunkable?
For example I need to use the Bluetooth LE extension but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that in Thunkable. Can you advise?


You cannot import extensions into Thunkable X. Thunkable X and App Inventor are completely different platforms and aren’t compatible with each other.

You can import .aia and .aix files into Thunkable Classic but remember that this is Android only.

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